Monday, 1 November 2010

Skate Etiquette 101

The thing that annoys me the most about skating, is people who don't respect each other. Welcome to Skate Etiquette 101.

The Snakers:
The idiots of 'skating'. Whilst everyone else has been waiting for a turn, snakers jump the queue and take their turn before you. These snakers normally have stupidly long and pointless runs, and are normally crap, snobby kids anyway. Just tell them to get off the ramp.

The Middle Man:
The kid that normally just rides up and down the center of the half pipe, ruining your run. Sometimes comes in the form of BMX's.

The Coping Kids:
The people who sit down over the coping with their legs dangling over the edge, obstructing all kinds of tricks. Clip their shins a little bit, works a treat.

The Curious Children:
It's the parents fault, end of. They let their little kids run around, up and down the park, resulting in you having to dodge them.

The 'Piss-you-off' Parents:
You politely ask their child to move off the ramp, but the parents won't stand for this, even though there's a perfectly decent play park just around the corner, their child MUST remain on this slide (aka, half pipe). These people are best combated in big groups.

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